The Nimbus Ultrasonic diffuser by Osuman is an essential oil atomizer that can diffuse any essential oil from lavender to sandalwood. Featuring warm LED lights that serve as a perfect night light, Nimbus is constructed with a natural oak wood base with a hand blown crystal glass enclosure. No heating and no burning. 100% of your essential oils are atomized. Using an optimal frequency of over 1.7 million cycles per second, the Nimbus Ultrasonic Diffuser atomizes cold water and essential oils, breaking up molecules into a microscopic mist. The Nimbus is capable of diffusing any essential oil enabling longer and more continuous diffusing without frequent refilling for up to 6 hours.

Mist emissions: 30ml / h (continuous operation), 15ml / h (intermittent operation)

Water tank capacity: about 100ml

Timer function: water level sensor type: switchable, water sensing 1 hour/2 hours/intermittent 6 hours

Power source: AC100V 50/60Hz, Output DC15V

Main body dimensions: 87 × 87 × 135mm
$ 69.95