We offer all the massage supplies, massage accessories, and massage equipment you are searching for. We also have massage oil, massage table sheets and other accessories. Here you will get all accessories whichever you are looking for. Find the best deals on high-quality massage accessories.



Universal Adjustable Massage Table Face Cradle Assembly

$ 69.99 $ 38.95

The Royal Massage Standard Adjustable Face Cradle Assembly is a universal face cradle for virtually any massage table. Features standard 3/4" diameter support posts that are roughly 8" apart from center to center. Constructed of heavy grade steel and aluminum frame with a molded PVC plate with Velcro strips to attach your face cushioned pillow. Single cam adjusting lever for...

Massage Bottle Holster

$ 12.00

Free Shipping Included Keep your lotion bottle at your side with a handy lotion bottle holster. Holsters help you stay in close contact with your client at all times and avoid having to walk around the table to pick up supplies. 1" wide belt and heavy-duty edging make this belt more durable than other belts on the market.


Deluxe Prenatal Pregnancy Cushion Set

$ 329.00 $ 245.00

The ultimate in comfort and luxury, our Deluxe Massage Prenatal Cushion Set provides support whether your client is in a face-down or face-up position. The supple cushions offer relief for stress and muscle tension. Whether you are performing massage, physical therapy, ankle or pregnancy massage, your clients remain comfortable and fully-supported throughout. The Deluxe Massage Prenatal Cushion Package is the...


Nimbus Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Mist Pod

$ 219.95 $ 69.95

The Nimbus Ultrasonic diffuser by Osuman is an essential oil atomizer that can diffuse any essential oil from lavender to sandalwood. Featuring warm LED lights that serve as a perfect night light, Nimbus is constructed with a natural oak wood base with a hand blown crystal glass enclosure. No heating and no burning. 100% of your essential oils are atomized....


T-Wedge Bolster Cushion Pillow for Women

$ 95.00 $ 69.95

All colors except Beige are out of stock until May 25 The Massage Table T-Wedge is the perfect solution for feminine comfort issues during massage and other treatments and procedures. This environmentally friendly pillow is made of non-CFC foam, and specially designed for women’s specific comfort needs. It features a T-shaped wedge that has openings for women's breasts and foam...


Deluxe Universal Massage Table Carrying Case w/Wheels

$ 129.95 $ 65.00

Our Deluxe universal 28" or 30" nylon case comes with sturdy ergonomic shoulder strap and several outside storage compartments for accessories. It features 4 base caster wheels for easy transporting while traveling to your clients. It provides an easy and convenient way to store your portable massage table. This case is designed for any table up to 28 inches wide...


Black Universal Massage Chair Carry Case

$ 80.00 $ 45.00

Our universal massage chair nylon case comes with sturdy ergonomic shoulder strap for easy carrying. It provides an easy and convenient way to store and transport your portable massage chair. This case is designed for portable folding style massage chairs. Each case comes with a 36-month guarantee against manufacturer's defects in materials and workmanship.    *Does not include massage chair....


Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Lamp

$ 55.00 $ 37.95

Free Shipping Included Product Description: Brighten your room with this beautiful Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Lamp. The warm amber light from this lamp complements any space. While on  the salt crystals activate to purify the air by emitting negative ions to clear air of smoke, dander, pollen, and other pollutants. It dilutes odors so that you can breathe easier. People...

Massage Table Shelf Hammock

$ 28.95

This adjustable table hammock-style holds all your supplies during sessions. It adjusts to fit underneath most portable massage tables and easily attaches with quick-release buckles. An essential products for the on the go massage therapists! Made of durable nylon Cordura. Available Colors: Black, Blue, and Green   Made in the USA.

Disposable Face Headrest Covers

$ 24.95

Our flat face covers offer a quick sanitary way to avoid the spread of bacteria from client to client. Each face cover sheet has a soft feel for comfort and has an over sized design to work on virtually any face cradle cushion. 30% viscose/70% polyester. Latex free. 100pcs/set. Each measures 18.5" x 14.5". Our elastic fitted face covers offer...


New 32" Deluxe Black Universal Oversized Massage Table Carry Case-**Out of Stock

$ 110.00 $ 65.00

The Deluxe Massage Table Carrying Case will make your life easier during traveling visits. It has four spacious pockets in which you can put additional accessories such as bolsters, massage oils, lotions, paper rolls, personal belongings and documents. Why carry them in additional bags when you can carry everything at once! For greater comfort, we have added a soft shoulder...


Half Round Massage Bolster Pillow

$ 40.00 $ 30.00

The Deluxe Oversized half round massage bolster is perfect for positioning your client for maximum comfort. This extra long 25" utilizes the full width of the massage table for your client's total relaxation. Use under the client's knees or ankles to relieve lower back stress or under the head for elevated support. The half round shape keeps its position on...


Full Round Best Massage Bolster Pillow

$ 50.00 $ 35.00

The Deluxe Over sized full round massage bolster is perfect for positioning your client for maximum comfort. This extra long 25" utilizes the full width of the massage table for your client's total relaxation. Use under the client's knees or ankles to relieve lower back stress. The full round shape keeps its position on the table and provides a higher...


Universal Disposible Massage Table Flat Sheets (10pcs)

$ 39.99 $ 29.95

Our Massage flat waterproof table sheets offer a quick sanitary way to avoid the spread of bacteria from client to client. Your leather massage table will be protected and kept clean and sanitary by creating an anti-oil barrier while maintaining a soft, comfortable and non-irritating surface that is safe and convenient. Designed to fit any massage table as each sheet...


Standard Massage Table Fleece Pad Set

$ 89.95 $ 50.00

The Standard Massage Universal Fleece Pad Set includes a fitted fleece crescent face cover and a fitted table cover. Your clients will be in ultimate comfort when they relax on this ultra-soft sheet set designed to keep them warm and completely relaxed. This set adds a full extra inch of comfort to your table for your client and is secured...


Deluxe Full Round Pillow

$ 50.00 $ 35.00

Our deluxe 25 1/4" long by 6 1/4" full round bolster pillow is excellent for  maximum comfort and enjoyment. It provides soft and comfortable support for the neck or legs during massage. Also great for using under your client's knees or ankles to relieve lover back stress. Features: Soft and comfortable support Water and oil resistant pu leather for extra...


Universal Paper Roll Holder

$ 60.00 $ 41.95

Our massage table paper roll holder allows you to be able to conveniently store your paper roll at the end of your massage table. This paper roll holder has pressure mounts that will keep it in place when feeding a new sheet through and avoids the sheet from moving during massage sessions.   Designed to fit most massage tables. Fits...


$ 24.95

Royal Massage's Ultra-soft Non-Woven Paper rolls are the best quality disposable cover you can buy. Unlike cheap, think paper that crinkles and is loud when you lay on it, our non-woven fabric is soft to the touch and is quiet, comfortable and super soft. Perfect for professional massage therapists, doctors, chiropractors and any other medical professional, our Non-Woven Paper Rolls...


$ 69.95

Enhance your massage with a professional 6 quart hot stone heater. Aromatherapy is perfect for heating stone for manicures, pedicures, and facials. This massage aid includes a Teflon coated removable water reservoir. The warmer also maintains a constant, even temperature and the indicator light lets you know when the temperature is reached. This heater has a capacity of 42 stones...


8oz Empty Massage Oil/Lotion Bottle With Pump For Oil Holster

$ 15.00 $ 10.95

Our professional quality massage oil/lotion bottle is a perfect way to dispense your own unique blend of scented massage oil or lotion. At 8 ounces in size, our oil bottles feature a black locking pump head and draw tube which extends to the bottom of the bottle enabling maximum usage. Fits most massage oil holsters.  


$ 16.95

This convenient holster holds your oil bottles and keeps it within hands reach at all times. With an adjustable strap you can hang it on your shoulder or wrap it around your waist. The double pockets hold 2 individual bottles.   * Bottles NOT Included



$ 60.00 $ 44.95

Retail Price - $60.00Re-usable and washable imported 100% microfiber fitted sheet set for portable massage tables. Create an atmosphere of calm and order with our clean and crisp 100% microfiber sheets. These are Royal Massage's soft and basic microfiber sheet sets. This sheet set includes a fitted sheet for various size tables, a fitted face cradle sheet with elastic edge...


Ultra Soft Face Cradle Pillow

$ 50.00 $ 37.95

Designed for ultimate comfort, this face cradle cushion will definitely keep your clients coming back for more. FEATURES: DIMENSIONS: • Available Colors: Beige, Black,  Burgundy • Ultra-Soft Foam Cushion • Easy to Clean and Replace • 3 Velcro Pieces Attached • Fits Standard Size Massage Cradles   • 11.25" W x 11" L x 3" H


Double Pot Wax Warmer

$ 89.00 $ 55.00

Our professional double wax warmer comes with two pots for loose wax.  Both openings are designed to fit standard wax cans. Each side has independent temperature settings so you can maintain different temperatures on each side. Feature: Metal construction body and aluminum pot Double pot wax warmers for multiple treatments or extra large waxing areas On/off switch, easy to use...