Create a Spa in Your Home

home spaIf your skin is feeling tired, you can rejuvenate it in your own homemade spa! Add the soft glow and fragrance of lavender-scented candles and a gentle whiff of roses floating through the room.

Ah, there’s nothing like the pleasure of a warm, relaxing bath after a long, hectic day! Here’s how to pamper yourself with a luxurious homemade spa.

Before you get excited at the prospect of your own spa, know what you want to use it for. The choice is yours, and all your decisions, from selecting the oil to the setting and mood, depend on it. A proper massage in a relaxed settling will make you smile and feel content.

Half the work is creating the right ambience, such as a soft and relaxing atmosphere. Next, choose a warm, comfortable place for a self-massage. Don’t sit directly on the ground, or on a cold floor, even if it is summer, as a massage should make your body warm to relax it. Also, masseurs believe that your positive energies escape if you sit in direct contact with the floor. Next, dim the lights. Avoid having white light in your massage area. Light scented candles at various places around the massage area. In fact, you can play up candles and essential aromatic oils. Lavender is a great oil for promoting relaxation.

Keep what you need handy. Prepare everything you want in advance to avoid any last minute rush. Mix your selected essential oils with water and put the mixture on a slow burner to keep it warm. If you are planning a bath after the massage, you can add aromatic bath salts to the water to pamper yourself even more. Right after the massage, fill the tub with hot water and add the bath salts along with a few drops of a heady essential oil. Sandalwood is one of the all-time favorites of many people. Use a scrubber to exfoliate the skin.

When working on your body, begin your self-massage with oil. You can use any oil or a cream lotion like Ayur’s Aloe Vera, a massage cream with moisturizing properties. It seeps into your skin and makes it soft and supple. After rubbing it all over your body, massage each reachable part of your body. Move your hand in concentric circles, as this will refresh you by increasing the circulation of the blood.

After giving yourself a moisturizing massage, it’s time to take a bath. While the bathtub is filling up with warm water, exfoliate your skin by massaging sea salts into it with quick scrubbing motions. Now get in the tub, add a couple of drops of essential oil, and enjoy yourself!

For a rosy glow, boil fresh rose petals and use rose water instead of plain water for skin treatments. To prepare a rose facemask, grind a handful of rose petals into a paste. Apply this paste on clean skin and leave it on for 15 minutes. Then wash your face and see your complexion glow.

Aromatherapy candles to help balance it all

Aromatherapy candles are used for so many different things. You can have them burning at any time of the day. You will want to for sure have some aromatherapy candles during a massage. The extra soothing benefits are amazing.

Along with a high quality candle, the aromatherapy candles will have added scents to help create certain moods or atmospheres. You will want to make sure the manufacturer has used natural essential oils.

You can set the mood easily with aromatherapy candles, so whether you are trying to relax, or meditate or sitting in your massage chair, or trying to rejuvenate your energy, you will find one to suit. Many will use them for stress management or deep relaxation.

You can also find essential oils in other aromatherapy products:

  • Oil diffuser
  • Bath oils
  • Spray
  • Candles

Each of the items will come with instructions as to how many drops you will need. If you have the oil already, you can add distilled water into a spray bottle to give you an emotion balancing spray to fill the room.

The aromatherapy candles and other products make absolutely excellent gifts too. With some companies, you can customize and create your own. Others will have an already gift basket with a variety of items it like supplies, oils, candle and more.

Often the companies will call their candle or blends of oils differently, so you will want to read the ingredient list or the purpose quite closely.

Some of the aromas you may expect to find:

  • Relaxing
  • Balancing
  • Calming
  • Purifying
  • Passion
  • Rejuvenating

As you can see, the titles of these are quite self explanatory, so it is really easy to choose the perfect ones that suit the mood you want to create. Each of these will have an ingredient list, which may be slightly different depending on the manufacturer.

You will want to ensure that the products do no use animal by products, but are completely natural. The essential oils will be listed as well.

If you are trying to achieve a certain atmosphere like a calm, relaxed environment, a body and soul type of cd will also do wonders. Many massage therapists will use music while you are lying on their massage table to help achieve the calming effect. This also works at your home.

Massage oil for that extra calming effect

The wonders of a great massage never cease to amaze us. The benefits of being in a relaxed state are many. Many enjoy using massage oil along with the treatment or technique. Most therapists, masseur or masseuse, along with others will use massage oil.

Aromatherapy Accessories including:

  • Aromatherapy Jewelry
  • Candles
  • Carrier Oils
  • Essential Oil Blends & Crystals
  • Essential Oils
  • Flower Essences & Oils
  • Fragrance Oils
  • Incense
  • Incense Burners
  • Inhalers
  • Scent Diffusers
  • Scent Diffusers – Electronic

There really is nothing compared to the feeling of a massage with a completely natural massage oil. The cool relaxing effect on your body after a long hard day at work it truly wonderful.

There are aromatherapy types as well as others. Lets take a look at a few of the scents you may want to consider.

Yang Ylang will help you leave the stresses and troubles behind whereas Jasmin is considered an Aphrodite massage oil together with your partner.

You should choose massage products that are made from coldpressed oils and essential oils for the maximum benefit.

Whether you are a therapist, own a spa or massage school, or simply love to give or receive massages, you will enjoy the excellent variety of massage oils on the market. You will want to ensure that the oils will not stain and will wash out easily with warm water and your basic laundry detergent.

Some of the oils will be made with coconut oil with Isopropyl Palmitate which is derived from coconut. This is added to keep the oil liquid at a room temperature. Some will also have Vitamin C and E to maintain the freshness. Most are formulated with ingredients that are all derived from plants. You will want to make sure no animal by-products have been used. The way to find out is to clearly read the ingredients list.

Some of the things you will expect from certain massage oils:

  • Enhance pleasure
  • Cool relaxing feeling
  • Gives a smooth velvety feel
  • Easy clean up
  • Relieve exhausted muscles
  • Help with fatigue

Each of the companies will have a different name for the various supplies and products. For example, the blends may be targeting different effects and therefore called something different.

One of the companies calls one of their products “Relax”, which, as the name indicates is to help you to have feelings of relaxation and soothing. It will help you completely relax with the entirely natural ingredients scented with pure aromatherapy essential oils that give it an exotic and flowery fragrance.

A great one for sports or after a workout has almond oil, jojoba, cinnamon leaf, juniperberry, lemongrass, laurel leaf, rosemary and a few other essential oils. This one will warm the skin and has a wonderful relaxing effect on your body.

Depending on the type of massage will help you determine which lubricant is best suited:

  • Light massage oil
  • Medium oil
  • Massage cream

The light oil is a blend using usually grapeseed oil, almond and olive. These soak in fast leaving the skin soft and moisturized without a greasy feel. It is typically used for a short simple massage due to its fast absorption.

The medium one uses avocado, jojoba and sweet almond. The combination of these will soak in slower. This one can be used for a variety of longer drawn out massages.

The cream is quite a bit thicker and often has a blend of cocoa butter, coconut, avocado, jojoba oil and shea butter.